Livin Life

Summer Recap!

Ya know it's funny, sometimes life just happens. One minute you have plenty of time to blog and the next... you don't! Not that I have been insanely busy, but I find sometimes in order to be reflective about life you have to experience it first. This summer has been quite a whirlwind thus far,… Continue reading Summer Recap!



Oh thank heavens, it is FINALLY FRIDAY!¬† How was everyone's week? Detox week is coming to an end and I must admit it feels WONDERFUL to finally be back on track. Its funny because we all like to feel good but put crappy food and drinks in our bodies and skip the gym and still… Continue reading FINALLY FRIDAY!


In LOVE with the City that Never Sleeps

WELCOME TO NEW YORK CITY! The city was beyond ready for¬†Halloween¬†Celebrations! 400 sq ft apartment and four people for a couple days. Cozy to say the least! Our great hosts left us a welcome post card! City adventures Up close and personal Bryant Park Taking a moment to reflect. Something new and breathtaking a every… Continue reading In LOVE with the City that Never Sleeps