Once you get out… It’s tough to get back in..

Well, I knew the debate between me being a blonde or brunette would be an intense one.. and it was. The outcome: most people like me as a blonde. Who knew!  However, that wasn't the most surprising thing that I learned through asking this.. Most of the people that said brunette, didn't say it because… Continue reading Once you get out… It’s tough to get back in..


Dresses Galore! Golden Globes Recap

I am not so much a sucker for the actually ceremony of award season, as I am for the dresses! I am one of those girls that is thrilled to have any excuse to get all dolled up! So, I absolutely LOVE watching the red carpet portions and pretending to be on Giuliana Rancic on… Continue reading Dresses Galore! Golden Globes Recap