Livin Life

Hello 2015!!

WE CAN FINALLY SAY GOODBYE TO 2014! WHAT A YEAR RIGHT?? Who else is ready to enjoy 2015 and what it has to offer? It can't be near as bad as 2014 right?? They say the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself and I truly believe that. So this… Continue reading Hello 2015!!


Outfits to Celebrate 2015 in Style!

I have a love hate relationship with New Years. I love that it is a holiday that people get super dressed up for, I mean who doesn't love the excuse to put on some red lips, high heels and a cute dress to dance the night away in. The downside of New Years for me… Continue reading Outfits to Celebrate 2015 in Style!

Livin Life

Growing into a small batch of good friends…

They say as you get older you don't need a lot of friends but just a few really good ones, and lately that truth has rung more and more true. After college, everyone's life seems to be like a pinball machine, bouncing off different places and milestones at different times, sending us in different directions… Continue reading Growing into a small batch of good friends…