Livin Life

Perspective Check

Perspective is something I have been thinking a lot about and focusing on lately.

When is the last time you stopped to hear what that little voice in the back of your mind is saying?

Is it positive? Is it negative? Is it bitter? Is it sad? Is it happy?


Time for a perspective check!

It is quite startling when you start listening to that voice and you realize that you have been walking through life with Negative Nilly in the back of your mind telling you how awful everything is and how bad something could go wrong.



My grandfather recently passed away and he was really one of the first people that taught me how to take 5-10 minutes to check your perspective and give thanks for what you have.

Every Thanksgiving he would make our family stand around the kitchen island and say what we are thankful for. This tradition never took long but I never walked away feeling anything less than extremely grateful for the life I was living.

It doesn’t need to be Thanksgiving to do a perspective check.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 3.53.18 PM

Every morning on my walk to work I take in my surroundings and say what I am grateful for.

  • How the sun is hitting a building
  • The joy my little pup gets chasing a leaf on her morning walks
  • That I can stop and get a good cup of coffee
  • My family
  • My friends
  • My ambition
  • My compassion

You don’t really realize how much power your thoughts have on your wellbeing and happiness until you start paying attention to how altering even a simple thought of waiting in line for coffee starts to make an impact.


It’s not something that will happen all at once or you will be perfect at off the bat. It’s on a thought-by-thought basis. Incredible that you have the power over your own thoughts isn’t it?

So did you stop and take your perspective check today??


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