Let’s Be Honest. A Love Letter to My Latte Lovers

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Well, the truth is life as a 23-year-old tends to be A LOT easier to write about and share than a 30-something.

From challenging break-ups, questionable career decisions, falling in love, making new friends, losing old friends, moving to the city of my dreams with the man of my dreams, battling anxiety and depression, and stressing about getting older, you name it I have been through it and it has brought my writing and my blogging to a complete HALT.

WHY? Because sharing that information with the world is scary. You have to be confident enough to throw all that out there and be okay with any negative comments that come your way and I just haven’t been in the mind space in the slightest, until now.

Recently, I have been battling some severe anxiety and a little depression. I have started a journey of figuring out how to manage it and climb my way to a happier place. The funny thing is the more I open up to friends and family about the place that I am in, the more people open up to me about the challenging places they have been.

Which made me realize I am not the only person going through something and that we are so tied to putting out a positive and happy image that we are living two lives. One that is portrayed as happy and fulfilled and one that is fighting the realities of life.

We all put on our happy faces every day and post our Instagram posts about how much we love our life but behind closed doors, we are fighting demons that no one knows about, which leaves us feeling alone, depressed and not hopeful for the future.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 3.35.46 PM

So I have been asked to start blogging again and share the honest truths about the conversations I have with my closest friends and people about what crazy life challenges we are all facing. I hope to encourage real conversations about how real life can be but also be the place people can come for inspiration and be lifted up.

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So as a 30-something I am saying if you want to judge then judge away. I am sick of reading blogs about how perfect life is and how a new face mask will make me look young forever. This is real life and real life is NOT fun to go through alone. So let’s talk about it. Let’s have real and honest conversations and find ways to build each other up or at least remind each other we are not alone.

Stay tuned…



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