I was given the opportunity recently to try two free weeks of Soul Cycle in D.C., thanks to the Washington Women in Public Relations group I belong to.

I have been a few times in the past, but never consistently (because its a bit pricey) but found myself being SOUL obsessed!

For me Soul Cycle adds that little bit of motivation/inspiration that I usually get from a yoga class into spin.

Each Soul Instructor brings their own flair to helping you find your soul and have a fun  and challenging workout throughout the class.  (My favorites at 14th Street Studio in DC: Rachel R., Jared, and Sunny Mae).

Its a no brainer: A good work out plus a little spiritual replenishing is one powerful combination.

My first class of the two weeks, was the Saturday after I was offered a new job ( we will get to that in the coming weeks) but the instructor told everyone to let themselves just feel how we were feeling for the next 45 minutes.

So for the first time in way to long, I let myself actually feel fully happy. Crazy, how sometimes its harder to let yourself just feel happy but I did for 45 minutes and it was exactly what I needed.

Sometimes you just need someone to remind you its okay feel something, good or bad. To remind you that its okay to take 45 minutes out of your day, JUST FOR YOU.

So don’t be scared to try it! They always impress me with how they make sure new people are set up on their bike’s and make sure they feel comfortable and good to enjoy the class.

Another perk: If you were a dancer growing up, an extra bonus is all the rides are to the beat of the songs played, and kinda gives you that dance class feel as well. If you weren’t, they don’t care, they just want you to ride and have fun!

So I would highly suggest it! If anything, it is just a good way to re-motivate yourself to getting back into the gym!




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