Livin Life

Eastern Market Saturdays


I know that was a bit overkill, but I have been seriously sick for the last week and today is the first day that I have felt like a HUMAN again! So I am a little extra excited that I am alive and kickin.

But after a week indoors and isolated from the world, this morning I woke you rested and not coughing (a major plus) and in desperate need of a latte.

So I bundled up and headed out to Eastern Market, a market near my new house in DC for a latte and a stroll.


Eastern Market is DC’s oldest continually operated fresh food public market, it has been around since 1873!

Fun fact: Similar to the local public markets found in Paris, France, Pierre L’Enfant designated space for such markets when he designed Washington, DC in the late 1700s.

Kinda cool right??


Outside they have a ton of pop-up tents selling art, jewelry, scarfs, really anything you can think of!


Little mirror selfie… plus I am in love with these mirrors! Saving to buy one this spring!


Ran across these cashmere scarfs and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

Ten bucks each, I’ll take them!


Cute local coffee shop sign! Thank you for making coffee for us because we LOVE drinking it!!


Last stop on my journey… Peregrine Esspresso for a Vanilla Latte.

If you are ever in Eastern Market, I highly suggest stopping by Peregrine Esspresso. It is DELICIOUS!!

And they make cute designs in your latte. Who doesn’t love that!

91a959aedd28a6ede5696bb416e73ac6 (1)

Hope you all decide to find an adventure this weekend, even if its just to a local market.

Happy Saturday!


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