Livin Life

Deadline Driven Type of Girl

I recently rediscovered something about myself…


I am a deadline driven type of girl.

What do I mean?

I mean if it’s not written out on a “to-do list” or I haven’t set a deadline to accomplish it, well then, it probably won’t get done.

Is anyone else this way?

There is something about writing a task down that confirms it needs to be handled and that it needs to be handled sooner than later.


There is also something very exciting about the feeling you get when you cross that item on your list off.

So if there are a few things that have been on your mental list to accomplish for a while, grab a planner, notebook, piece of paper and WRITE IT DOWN!

unnamed (1)

Of course, make sure it is somewhere you will see more often than not, and then ACCOMPLISH IT, so you can CROSS IT OFF!

Believe me you will fill amazing once you do. Then write down a few more things you want to accomplish, you will be surprised at home much you can actually get done!



Happy Tuesday! xoxo



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