Livin Life

Great Expectations…

Here’s the deal, it is true what people say..

If you have expectations, you are 100% bound to be LET DOWN.


For some reason, especially as women, we have these great notions about how things should or are going to be.

We want to live in a world where Cinderella meets the Prince Charming and he just so happens to have a glass slipper that is the perfect size for her and they ride off in the distance towards happily ever after.

When in reality… the Prince never looks to Cinderella and if he did, she would show up and the glass slipper would be too small, and happily ever after would not be so happily ever after…


I say this not to be negative but to remind us, and myself more particularly, to drop the “expectations” about life and what life is suppose to be.

Drop the expectations of your friends and how they are suppose to be, of your boyfriend and husband and the relationship you are suppose to have and most importantly, the expectations that you have of yourself and who you are suppose to be.

Be who you, love how it feels right to you and take each day and each moment as a pleasant surprise and a wonderful reminder that you are ALIVE and LIVING.


Having expectations is inevitable but managing those expectations and reminding yourself that they aren’t rooted in your happiness is a very valuable lesson to learn. 


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