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Summer Recap!

Ya know it’s funny, sometimes life just happens. One minute you have plenty of time to blog and the next… you don’t!

Not that I have been insanely busy, but I find sometimes in order to be reflective about life you have to experience it first.

This summer has been quite a whirlwind thus far, from trips to New York, San Francisco and Colorado, to starting a new job and partaking in the basic, care-free summer activities.

 So I thought the best place to start off would be a quick recap in pictures of my summer so far!

summer quote

And so it begins..


Girls weekend in D.C. with my bestie!! We biked, danced, drank and LAUGHED!

cards of hummanity

Long night of Cards of Humanity with my bestie, boyfriend and her boyfriend over Skype! Yes, you can in fact play this game over Skype if you get crafty enough!

New York

Memorial Day weekend in my FAVORITE city! View from the top of the Met.!


Me and Adrian on the Kate Spade balcony in Manhattan! So fun!

Boat House NY

Experienced one of those moments of pure happiness and bliss at the Boat House in New York. Sunset, rose and great friends, couldn’t ask for more…

SF view

Then.. off to San Francisco! I had never been there and to say the least the city took me by surprise! It was gorgeous and so much fun, I will definitely be returning!

coffee cheers

I must say what made the city extra special was one of my best friends lives there! She took me around and showed me the ropes! Here is us cheersing at the famous Irish Coffee place! I was in love.. shocker, I know!

cheers babe

Last night in San Francisco enjoyed such a fun girls night with my best friend. Wine, pizza and just great conversation. There really is nothing that beats having a great night out with your girlfriend.

time at home

Then off to Colorado. It is always sooooo nice to go HOME. No matter where you go in the world, where your family is will always be home and feel right. Had great times hanging out with the family, friends and meeting the new little guy!

Hager Sharp

When I finally returned to D.C. after my two week long vacation… I did what I never thought I would have dreamed I could do… I started as an Account Executive at a PR Agency in Washington D.C. Of course there will be more posts to come on that but let me tell you, it was a big day for me! Dreams do come true… just saying!


One of my favorite summer traditions in D.C. is bringing a blanket, a bottle of wine and heading to watch the screen on the green in Del Ray, Virginia with my boyfriend. It is always a kid movie and just a perfect night to check out of reality, act like a kid again and just enjoy the simple things. Fresh air, wine, $25 cent popcorn, kids running around you and laughing and being with your love!

coutnry concert

I also experienced my first concert at National’s Stadium in D.C. (yes, it was country) but it was something special just rockin out to country with the view of D.C. in the background! So fun!


It has truly been an amazing summer and I am so blessed. I hope you all have been having an amazing summer as well, and if you are not, summer is not over yet!

Happy Finally Friday!



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