Wrinkle Free- Sun-Kissed Glow

Alright, here is a photo of my best friend and I, this past weekend during her visit to Washington D.C.


Do you notice anything….

We both have gorgeous sun-kissed skin, you know, that beachy glow every girl hopes and dreams for..

Well let me tell you, it didn’t come from laying outside in the sun sans sunscreen..

It came from an awesome sunless tanner!

There are A MILLION reasons, that sunless tanner is WAY better for you than baking in the sun…

I will divulge two of them since that would be a rather LONG post..

The first, of course, you guessed it, no SKIN CANCER. By using sunless tanner, you can put on all the sunscreen you want on your days in the sun and still have that sunkissed glow. I  know most of you say, “well I’ll die from something eventually, so I might as well be tan now,” and believe me, I was one of those girls once too, but think about your kids and the grand-kids you want to be around for. Think about your first job, first date, engagement, wedding, babies , first house, retirement, travel all the things you haven’t experienced yet and expect to get to experience.

Tomorrow is not certain and not guaranteed, whether you use sunscreen or not, so do yourself a favor and protect your skin and take one element out of the equation. 

If that doesn’t motivate you to protect your skin then…

THINK ABOUT WRINKLES… Yes you are all tan and sun-kissed now, but in 40 years you are going to look like a worn out leather purse, with wrinkles and lines in places you could never dream of. Not to be graphic but it is true!

So now that we are on the same page of not wanting wrinkles… and skin cancer.. lets start from the beginning.


First, GET NAKED and check your skin for any spots, moles etc. Help each other out, being naked is fine! We always preach to be comfortable in your skin and this is the perfect place to get started!


Second, pick up one of these babies! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jergens, Natural Glow Foam.

Here is why: It smells good (who doens’t want that), it goes on even and is easy to rub in, it slowly but not at a molasses pace tans your skin, you can use it as much as you want, it doesn’t dry out my skin, and lasts a good amount of time, OH AND ITS AFFORDABLE!


Third, use the foam and rub it all over your body, it is even face friendly! While doing so, check your skin again! 


Last, get that sun-kissed glow that leaves everyone is asking if you have been on vacation lately or how you keep it throughout the winter! 

It really is that simple and your body/skin will thank you for it later!

(No one paid me to advertise Jergens, it is a product I use everyday, and absolutely swear by)

For more information on what to look out for while checking your skin, information on skin cancer and Melanoma, visit the Melanoma Research Foundation.


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