Livin Life

Addicted to Busy?



HA! Isn’t this the truth!

I feel like now days, when seeing if people can hang out or plan something, it is like traveling through a landmine of everyone’s schedules. I feel often the idea of “Busy” is glorified into, I have too many friends and plans, I am extremely important at my work and I am above you  because I just don’t have time for a 30 minute coffee date.

Busy, is busy… and I get we are all more connected now than everyone and probably do have a lot more going on then maybe someone did in the past..

But I find that the days/weekends that I have NO PLANS and am not busy, always turn out to be the most fun and rewarding. Spending quality time with a few people is better than spending a quick five minutes with a lot of people.

So don’t glorify  being busy.. glorify making good quality time for the people that absolutely mean the most to you.



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