It’s Not “JUST” Skin Cancer

Let me ask you a question…

Have you ever heard someone say, or said yourself…

“They had/have cancer, but don’t worry its JUST skin cancer?”

skin cancer2

First off, any type of cancer isn’t JUST cancer, especially skin cancer.

So here is  fun fact: your skin is the LARGEST organ you have. Yup that’s right, bigger than your liver, brain or intestines…so how in the world, do we take skin cancer and brush it off like its just a weird disease someone will overcome?

Well because it’s a misconception. The misconception is, if skin cancer is caught early enough skin cancer can be treated and not fatal,.So in most people’s perceptions.. skin cancer isn’t as bad as the other cancer’s out there.


But let me put this into perspective for you…

Your skin is connected to every vital, important organ you have. It directly connects to each vital organ you need to live and when you don’t catch and treat skin cancer early, it will spread to those organs you so desperately need.So at the end of the day now you aren’t just  battling skin cancer but the cancer or the organs it traveled to.


And all because you didn’t protect your largest organ, which by the way works very hard to protect you, and because you were too scared to strip down, GET NAKED and get your skin checked!


I know, I know by the end of this month you are going to be so sick of reading about why its so important to check your skin and PROTECT it. But it is important!

This is a cancer you can prevent, treat and live from.

There are so many people out there who have cancer and there is no solution, no answer and just got it unexpectedly and only wish that their cancer could have been prevented,caught early and be treated.

I know so many women who run race for the cure and wear their pink proudly for breast cancer, or go to fundraising events for different cancers and talk about how sad it is and how they want to find a cure. Yet when given the option to wear sunscreen or a big hat and stay a bit pasty, choose to take the chance of developing skin cancer just to get a bit of that sun-kissed glow.

A bit backwards don’t you think?


So GET NAKED and check your skin! And next time you  hear someone say, ” Oh it’s JUST skin cancer” correct them and let them know how severe skin cancer can be and how thankful you are they caught it early.


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