Get Naked.. It Might Just Save Your Life

Yup.. that’s right, I am telling you to GET NAKED.


Why, you ask?

Not for the reasons you think..

But because nearly 80,000 people will be diagnosed with Melanoma this year.

How does this relate to getting naked?

Melanoma can be a FATAL disease but PREVENTABLE, if you catch it early.

So get naked and check your skin.

Ask your spouse, significant other, family member or best friend to check a mole you are unsure of or an area of skin you are weary about. Research has shown that patients, not doctors, most commonly spot melanoma, because you are the most familiar with your own skin.

Today marks the first day of Melanoma Awareness Month and I couldn’t be more proud to work with this organization.

Last year I had the opportunity to interview a phenomenal woman who survived Melanoma at the young age of 15. Her story inspired me, because she was no different than the girl I was at 15 or even 21. She just wanted a sun-kissed glow for her dance pictures. She later found out she had Melanoma skin cancer. It changed her world and as she said, she never thought it would happen to her.


It had a significant impact on me and really demonstrated to me how careless we are with our bodies and more importantly our skin, for the sake of looking “good”.


It is my mission over the next month to help the Melanoma Research Foundation convince you to check your skin, protect your skin and show you how to get that sun kissed glow without sun damage.

I ask you to help me start the trend. Make wearing sunscreen and protecting your skin, the “in” thing to do. Encourage your friends and family and pencil in time in your own planner, to check your skin routinely.

It might just save your life. 

You can participate and show your support TODAY by changing your Facebook profile image to the #GetNaked logo (which you can be download here) or tweet your support by using the #GetNaked hashtag and spread the word and awareness about protecting your skin.


Visit the Get Naked page here for example Facebook posts and tweets to use and be sure to look back at Latte Confidential over the next month for more posts!

Health isn’t just about eating healthy and exercising, it is about protecting and respecting the body we were given. 


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