NIKE You Sure Know How to Put On A Half Marathon

I mean how can running 13.1 miles at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning be fun right?

Most people groan when they hear even the thought of it.. but NIKE sure knows how to make it an experience you will never forget!

This past weekend, three of my sorority sisters flew in to run the NIKE Half Marathon in D.C. with me and we had a blast. NIKE goes all out to make the experience full of surprises.

Here is a glimpse into the race and our weekend!


Us outside of the Expo on the waterfront in Georgetown. Since the race is for women, the expo is filled with a bunch of fun girly surprises!

When you walked into the EXPO you bib prompted a skin to welcome you to the expo by name and wish you good luck! Totally a marketers dream, it was very cool!

cute quotes

They have cute sayings and quotes all over the expo and race like this, which makes it fun!


After touring the EXPO, it was off to the NIKE store to find all the fun race day apparel but on the way they posted a huge board outside the store that had everyone’s name who is running on it!

name wall

Found mine!

Colorado shirts

Race day morning, we put on our Colorado gear, ate a good breakfast and made it to the race. I must say bag drop- off and the bathroom situation is so organized and efficient, it is a racers dream!

National Anthem

Nothing beats the national anthem being sung on a gorgeous Sunday morning, with the Capital in front of you. All 15,000 runners were pumped and ready to start racing after that!


My friend managed to snap some pictures while she was running (not sure how she didn’t fall while doing it) but just shows the amazing views and fun surprises NIKE has for all the racers that day!


One of the best parts of the race is when you cross the finish line and a cute man, dressed in a tux offers you a nicely wrapped Tiffany’s box with your new NIKE necklace in it! WORTH IT!


After the race, we changed into our ‘We Run DC’ shirts and headed to Matchbox for a delicious brunch!

I finished the race with my best time ever. running 13.1 miles in one hour and 57 minutes!

The entire way I couldn’t help but think how appreciative I was of the body I had been given, that carry me that far and that fast. It was hard at times but the sensation of accomplishing something you weren’t sure you could do, is an incredible feeling!

Thank you NIKE for reminding me of my capabilities and abilities, giving us an experience we will never forget and pushing me to my limits!

Until next year…


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