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Goodbye 26… Hello 27!

I always find that birthdays and New Years are two times where I really get into a reflective mood and this year was no different.

Friday was my 27th birthday (honestly can’t believe I am 27), and with that came a lot of reflection on this past year and where I hope 27 takes me..

Do any of you get in this weird reflective mode around your birthday’s? Or is it just me?


While I was 26 I learned..

 I learned that..good girlfriends are absolutely essential in life. You don’t need a lot of them as long as you have an amazing few.

I learned that friends that drive you crazy and maybe just aren’t your cup of tea, aren’t worth continuing to be friends with. The older I get the more intolerant I am of spending time with people that rub me the wrong way or aren’t the people I want to surround myself with. Life is short, make the time count.

I learned that fretting over whether I will fit into my skinny jeans after eating a muffin is no way to live.

I learned that I really do LOVE the industry of public relations and although, I am still struggling to truly be apart of it, that the struggle is worth it because I love when I get the chance to do it!

I learned and am still learning that true love and relationships are not how they are portrayed even in the slightest. That they are hard, hard, hard work, with many ups and downs and zigzags. That they challenge every fiber of  your being and at the same time prove that you and your significant other can overcome anything…

I learned the power in joining an professional organization of people that are striving for the same things you are, believe in empowering and helping each other grow and the strength in an industry working together..


I learned that it is more than ok to not have anything figured out. That life will go on and that figuring it out is just part of the journey whether you are 27 or 75… so embrace it and just let it happen.

I have so many hopes and dreams for this upcoming year but my main hope is to continue on the path of finding and loving myself, allowing myself to feel and accept my emotions everyday and continue to chase my dreams! 

Little birthday weekend recap..


Dinner date night with my Love at my favorite Greek restaurant Zaytinya .. in DC!

unnamed (1)

Had to try something new off the menu.. so we ended up trying lambs tongue! And it actually was pretty good!

unnamed (4)

Brunch is the best way to celebrate birthdays! CHEERS!

unnamed (3)

All smiles at Local 16 on U street in DC!

unnamed (2)

We were addicted to their bottomless Bellini’s!

unnamed (5)

Ended the night with a selfie with my birthday buddy! Birthday’s are better when shared!


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