Yoga on the National Mall

This weekend I attended one of my favorite DC traditions..


(photo by the Washingtonian)

Morning yoga, outside on the National Mall.

Every year during the Cherry Blossom Festival, Lululemon hosts an outside morning class right next to the Washington Monument.

Let me tell you something, it is quite the sight to come up from your downward dog, to see hundreds of yogis in the same pose, not to mention, U.S. Capitol and Washington Monument in the distance..


I find doing yoga outside to be so peaceful and humbling.. it astonishes me outside classes aren’t more prominent, at least during the summer.

I recently have been finding my way back to my yoga practice.

It is funny how you can slowly drift away from it and not notice the benefits it gives you until you return to it.  Practicing yoga isn’t just about being able to touch your toes or being able to hold insanely odd looking poses… for me its about an hour or 90 minutes of selfishly focusing on myself.


Returning to yoga after a short break, has shown me elements I have drifted back to, the difference a short period of time can make and how truly important it is to take time our of your busy schedule to quite your mind, look inward and assess yourself.

Hope everyone has a Happy Monday and if you have been neglecting your yoga practice lately, this is a reminder that you should pick it back up and take a class!


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