Livin Life

Fake it Until You Make It

d2308fa8ea5cc81bb1928cf23ece61b6Alright who has experienced negative thoughts syndrome?

Ya know, when you say or think one negative thing and that brings another negative thought and another thought and another negative thought and so on…

If you haven’t, your lucky!

It is so easy to get caught up or swept away in a negative bubble especially in this big kid world.

But I have found that when something happens that makes you upset, frustrated or angry rather then indulging it and letting it take over your emotions and positive mojo, just stop it right there. Acknowledge your negative feelings for what they are and then move on to something positive.

No that doesn’t get rid of the frustrations you might have at that moment but as you keep pushing the positive thoughts you will break through all that negative emotions.


After doing this for the past couple of week’s, I haven’t only seen a change in myself but in the way people are around me.

My boyfriend is happier to see, my boss is more willing to give me a bigger projects or stop in to help on different issues, going out with friends is a more fun experience, and I just feel better.

So here is my thought…


Of course, like anything else its a hard to change to make especially when you are in a frustrating moment but once you train yourself to take the positive route, then making that choice over and over again, becomes easier and easier!

Positive brings Positive, Negative brings Negative.




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