Livin Life

Happy LOVE Day <3 <3

I have NEVER been the biggest fan of Valentines Day.


If a guy loves me the way he says he does, a holiday once a year shouldn’t tell him to be romantic and lovey with me.. that should happen at random moments throughout the year at his own will. (lucky for me I have found one of those guys.. keep looking, they are out there!)

and secondly, for a day that should focus on LOVE it sure seems to only focus one type of LOVE.


Which makes me sad…

So this Valentines Day, I will of course, celebrate the love I share with my guy but I will also celebrate and be grateful for and reflect on the LOVE that I have in my love from all aspects..


So to my family, friends, and my guy.. thank you so much for showing me how to be loved and how to love each and everyday. I am so grateful and thankful to have you in my life…

My life is full of joy because of you!


So today rather then just focusing on the romantic LOVE you have in your life.. take a minute to appreciate every kind of LOVE. I think you will realize it is more full than you think!



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