Livin Life

A Little Coffee a Little Workee


I think the idea of a coffee shop is one of the greatest inventions.

In order to write or work, for me, I need a constant state of movement. Sounds weird but its very true. Sitting in my office with no windows and no movements and plain white walls is the fastest way for me to have a huge cloud of writers or workers block.


HENCE the coffee shop. People constantly coming and going. Sounds of coffee being grounded and milk being steamed… its amazing to me how a constant state of chaos could create such a state of focus for me.

So today, I am pretending that my white plain office is a coffee shop in order to get my work done.. my inspiration…

Coffe house in the West Village

2012-05-28 09.45.54



I mean come on doesn’t that look more visibly appealing then your office or cubicle?

Inspiring places produce inspiring thoughts and work… plus a good cup of coffee, of course!



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