Livin Life


If someone asked you to anonymously share a secret confession, what would yours be?


One New York artist did just that and the results were beyond fascinating.

Candy Chang asked visitors to step into a private booth and write their “confession” on wooden plaques. All the confessions were  hung around on the gallery walls along with select confessions which were painted on larger canvases.


Two things I realized while I was reading these confessions…







The project focusing on anonymity, vulnerability, and understanding really opened my eyes to the fact that everyone has some sort of confession they tuck away deep inside of themselves and don’t reveal to anyone or most people. That we all really aren’t alone in that feeling that we have something to hide or something off about who we are.

The other thing that astonished me about reading the confessions in this project were how many people aren’t faithful in their relationships.





I am not sure if it is just our generation or the fact that we are so much more connected as a society then we ever have been before, but it seems that being unfaithful in relationships not only has increased but has become somewhat of a norm.

Yes, its absolutely terrible and it makes me sad that it happens but truly makes me question what element are we missing from our relationships that propels us to look beyond what we have for something else.


I think owning your truth is such a powerful thing, so I am thankful to artist like Candy Chang for helping people shed that “I am perfect and exactly what society wants me to be” mentality and encourages us to embrace all of our confessions and who we really are…

What is your confession? Are you owning your truth? 

To see all of the confessions that were submit to Candy Chang’s Confessions gallery click HERE.


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