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No Question Who I Am Rooting For…

If you don’t know a Bronco fan or have never lived in Denver, I am sure you don’t fully understand how big of a football town we are. Let me put it this way, if you go to the mall, grocery store or anywhere the Bronco game isn’t being shown you are sure to have the place to yourself…

So I am sure it is going to come as quite a shock as to who I am rooting for this Sunday. Being a Bronco fan, I have already ironed out my Bronco shirt, washed my Bronco underwear and Bronco Socks and have my blue and orange nail colors ready for a weekend paint!

I have a lot of family from Seattle,who  I am sure you can all already assume talk a big game about how great their beloved Seahawks are…

So to them and all the Seattle fans around the country I will simply say…


So I felt it is only right to post a BRONCO worthy post, to help push any noncommital Superbowl rooters over to the BRONCO NATION!

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HOLY HOTT… Just saying..





Last but not least…


Sending the BRONCOS lots of LATTE love!



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