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The No- Judgement Zone..

When I started this blog, I realized how hard it was to really put yourself out there and share those intimate conversations and realizations you have with your close girlfriends about being a twenty-something in this big, crazy world that I had so intended on writing and sharing about through this blog.

It’s hard to put yourself and situations out there without the fear of being judged for your situations, your thoughts and ultimately your opinion on how to handle things.

So this year, I plan to treck back to my initial intentions of sharing the not so easy ways of being a twenty-something, between relationships, work, social life’s, family and so on… Of course, I will have fashion, fitness and fun posts along the way as well! You can’t be serious all the time… Right?

So this post is going to be all about the friendship no judgement zone. 


What is it? 

It’s a place where your girlfriends and you can come to each other with ANYTHING.. I mean ANYTHING and know, that rather then the other person judging you, they will be there for you and help you get through it.

It’s my realization that women are so hard on each other. It’s in our nature to always be presenting the best aspects of us, our life, our relationships and our jobs. The more I have talked to girls, the more I have realized that almost nothing is exactly how they presented it. There are always some quirks or hiccups laying underneath..


I am lucky that I have a few amazing best friends that have taught me, it’s ok to be honest about the bad fight I had with my boyfriend the night before, the mean co-workers at work and the fact that I freaked out a bit about some ridiculous situation earlier that week. We can talk about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING and know that we have each other’s backs with the best intentions for the other.

There are a few key elements to making this zone a success: 

1. Only create the zone with the friends you TRUST! 

It is not going to work if you are second guessing every piece of advice they give you..

2. You have to be HONEST! 

You can’t be scared of admitting your problems or admitting to the other person you are having the same troubles.

3. Keep it Confidential! 

These conversations only take place between you and your friend. They do not go outside the zone at all, with anyone,  unless you or the other party brings it up themselves.

The rest of the rules you can make up for yourselves!


I am so fortunate to have these girls in my life and have that place to go to vent, be upset and give advice and feedback on how to handle something. Hearing advice and giving advice has helped me grow as women and learn that we are all struggling with something. That girl that looks like she has the perfect life, in fact is probably struggling with just as much as you, you just don’t know about it.

I really think every girl should have a no judgement zone of friends to enter and share and vent to!


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