Livin Life

Letting Go…

The holidays aren’t only a time for me to celebrate and spend time with loved ones but always seem to be a time of reflection over the past year.

This year was a completely different year in the world of Angie…


I let go.

What I mean by that is, I let go of constantly worrying about working out, what I was eating and how much I ate, what size skinny jeans I fit into and correlating myself with how I look rather then who I really am.


Ya, crazy right? But it was sooooooo liberating. I am not sure what started it, its not like last January I set out on this journey as a resolution, it just started  happening.

I enjoyed a glass of wine, I enjoyed Indian food, pizza and Mexican and maybe even a cookie or two. I just indulged and learned to enjoy it rather then beat myself up about it.

It really opened my eyes to how much emphasis and time I was spending on worrying about how I looked and how people perceived me, which kept me perfectly distracted from the harder thing to do, to learn to love myself for who I was.


Now, I still haven’t landed on exactly who I am, and I hope I never do because that means I am not growing and changing but this year learning to love myself rather then my size has been exceptionally rewarding.

I am now going into the Christmas season a few pounds heavier and happier then ever.

Note: I didn’t go wild and crazy and ate everything and anything under the sun and didn’t work out at all. It’s just means that if I missed a work out or a few and ate more then just a salad for dinner I didn’t lose sleep over it.


I think its something I realized over the past year with women.

We don’t love ourselves at all.

We just beat ourselves up left and right for different insignificant reasons and compare ourselves to each other.

Don’t get me wrong, I  love that we are the sex more motivated to be in shape and eat healthy, maybe for vein reasons but for the most part we seem to play a more active role in our health. Which I am not saying by any means should be compromised, just saying we should do it for the reasons of health not fear of how we might look if we don’t.

It showed me that maybe I was constantly feeling full of anxiety and stress not because the world around me was that crazy  but because I wasn’t comfortable in the skin I was surviving the world in.

Of course, I am not perfect and haven’t mastered it yet and have merely just started the journey… but I feel like its an important message that I have learned and wanted to share.

They say, “Everything in moderation,” which should also include self-doubt, self-love, health ambitions and obsessions with how we look.

I guess I just hope that more women can experience and learn what it feels like to let go of all those body image obsessions and just ENJOY LIFE and INDULGE A LITTLE BIT.


What did you learn this year?? How did you grow?


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