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A Letter To You…

Last night I received an email from one of my sorority sisters that seriously touched my heart and I think its the perfect reminder for everyone this Friday morning so I thought I would share it…

Hello friends,

I got some very sad news today that a friend I’ve known since kindergarten passed way early this morning.  He was 26.  He was at his parents’ house and fell down the stairs and hit his head and had internal bleeding.  Now although we hadn’t remained supper close he was still someone whom I grew up with and it made me think long and hard. 

We are all friends and while some are closer than others in the end, we are all family.  Accidents happen and in seconds lives are changed forever.  I wanted to take a minute to tell you all that I love you and miss you dearly.  Although I talk to some more than others it doesn’t mean I love or miss you any less.  We have defied the odds and have all in some way or other been able to remain friends in this crazy thing called life.  We need to remember especially with the holidays coming up that we need to help one another, because that’s all we have, each other.  We are lucky to have been able to make the lasting friendships we have; friendships like these are rare and not everyone gets the opportunity to have what we have, and friends, that is something special and something to celebrate.

Take the time to see each other when you can and even when you can’t, make it happen.  Life is to short and precious to put things off until tomorrow.  Remember to slow down and appreciate life and everyone you have in it.  Help one another, be each other’s biggest fans and supporters be there for each other it means more to all of us then we truly let on.  Smile. Laugh. And always remember that in the end we are all here for one another.

I love you all and miss you more then you know. 

Ps- This wasn’t supposed to be sad or make anyone feel sad I just wanted to remind us all how lucky and thankful I am that we all have one another!

You see, I belonged to a sorority  in college (yes, I paid for my friends) but those friends slowly turned into family. Even after being out of school for 5-6 years now, we still hold that undeniable bond that no matter who is fighting or growing apart, no matter who moves away, gets married or has babies, that at the end of the day we truly love and care about each other and would do absolutely anything for one another.


All to often, we take those bonds with the people we love most for granted. We opt to go to do something else new and exciting rather then spending quality time with our closest companions. We assume there will always be a ‘tomorrow’ but as I have grown up I have realized that ‘tomorrow’ is never certain and time is the ONLY thing you can’t get back.

I hope this letter encourages you to reach out to your close friends and family today and remind them how much you love and cherish them. Set up a catch up date and put down your phone and your crazy instagram world and spend some quality time together.

Cherish the ones you love and remember tomorrow is never certain… 


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