Livin Life

Thankful Thursday

I think its a rule that the week before a holiday, life has to be just plain crazy… anyone else agree? 

Not sure if there was a full moon this week or what is going on but this week has sure been out of whack. I think during week’s like this, where you feel like you are surrounded by craziness and uncertainty, it really makes you value the little things and makes you truly thankful for those non-eventful weeks. 

So today here is what I am thankful for..


Yogi tea quotes.. good little dose of wisdom during the day.


All of these little things…


That Thanksgiving is next week and I get to go to Illinois and get to be with my aunts,  uncles, cousins and grandparents, who I have missed!


The 20 minutes I get to read on the metro to and from work… escaping from the world just for a bit..


My besties… what in the world would I do without them…


AND… that tomorrow is FRIDAY!



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