Chili Wontons

When you don’t have a car, and take public transportation into work everyday the last thing you want to do is carrying a crock pot full of chili for your office’s annual chili cook-off.

So… I got creative!

Growing up, one of my best friends mom’s taught us how to make wontons and since then I have brainstormed creative ideas of what you could put in a wonton… which turns out to be just about anything you want!

photo 4

So rather then making the usual bowl of chili, I made chili filled wontons and they didn’t disappoint!

Here is my third place finishing chili wonton recipe!

photo 1

You will need:

  • Egg role wrappers ( which you can find in the grocery store near where the tofu is located)
  • A can or two of Amy’s Spicey Organic Chili ( you can make your own also but I love Amy’s)
  • Shredded chedder sharp cheese
  • Frying Oil and a large pot
  • A tiny bowl of water
  • A spoon and a brush


1. Pour the chili into a big bowl and add a couple hand fulls of cheese and mix.

2. Take one egg role wrapper and place it in front of you. Take one scoop of the chili (maybe two) and place it in the middle of the egg role wrapper.

3. Then use your finger or the brush and dip it into the water and brush the outsides of the egg role wrapper. Then take all the corners of the egg roll wrapper and bring them together at the top to form a little bag of chili. Do this until you run out of egg roll wrappers. ( Try to make sure the wrapper doesn’t rip, so that when you fry the wonton the chili wont seep out into the oil and leave you with no ooey gooey filling.)

photo 2


4. Heat up a pot of oil, enough to cover the wontons completely. Wait until the oil is hot enough and then take three wontons at a time ( or enough to the point that they have enough room not to touch) and fry them! Once they are crispy brown and floating at the top they are good to go!

photo 3

5. Scoop them out of the pot and place them on a plate with some paper towels on them to soak up the oil.

Then ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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