Livin Life

November is for being Thankful…


It makes me sad that the second Halloween is over the entire world jumps right into the “holiday season” which apparently only encompasses Christmas…



It’s funny because I wasn’t big on Thanksgiving growing up, didn’t really love turkey and was terrible at helping my mom cook. It wasn’t really my thing.

However, as I have gotten older I have grown to LOVE thanksgiving.

Not for the food (although the food is great) but for the meaning behind it. I know it’s about the pilgrims and Indians coming together but I think the holiday is more about remembering to count our blessings no matter how insignificant they may be.

To give thanks…


So in honor of Thanksgiving and going against pop culture which seems to believe that Thanksgiving is just a random Thursday we all gorge ourselves on,  I think we should take sometime once a week to write down something or many things we are thankful for.

Most of the time we already have what we want right, we just fail to remember its significance.


Happy ALMOST Friday! Hope you have a thankful day! 


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