Livin Life

Thanks Pinterest…

We all have a slight obsession with Pinterest, if you say you don’t you are either missing out being on it or your are in complete denial….

I love it and am not ashamed to say it.. so here are a few of my favorites from this week! Click here to follow me!


I think this needs to be my coffee cup..


Grey’s has the best quotes… who’s your person?


Love when signs really tell the truth…:)


You are the only one that can prove you are good enough or not… right? Thanks Starbucks for the reminder! 


Wish people realized this more often… your freedom isn’t free. Don’t take it for granted and be thankful for those that protect your freedoms. 


Veggie Mac n Cheese... OH YUM! 


Fall vests… need and want! 


Build your walls carefully…


So true.. I LOVE this quote! 


Ever have one of these days… LOVE IT! 

Happy HUMP Day! 

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