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Whether You Think You CAN or CAN’T…Your Probably Right!

I found this on Facebook today and thought it was a great inspirational video to share with all of you.

Growing up a competitive gymnast, I can really relate to this video but I think there is a message in it for all of us.

When your in gymnastics you are worried about mastering a skill, having the perfect routine and being the best.

But when you are finished  and you look back, you see that one of the biggest lessons and skills you learned, was how to fall over and over and over and pick yourself back up and try it again.

You see the gymnastics that most people see in the Olympics looks perfect, looks so easy… but the reality is that girl fell a million times on her face, her butt, her back to master that skill and every time she got back up,  brushed herself off and tried again…

Life is rough and even I needed a reminder this morning that no matter what knocks you down, the important thing is that you get back up. 

So HAPPY ALMOST FRIDAY! Find sometime today to watch this video, its amazing! 


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