Livin Life

A Little Does of Prospective..



I know I have used this quote before from Grey’s Anatomy in the past but I think it is one of my favorite quotes.

All too often we don’t say what we mean or feel enough or embrace and cherish the moments we feel alive.

Loss is so tricky to write about it.

It is something that impacts every single one of us, yet no one has figured out the perfect thing to say or do, created a step by step program to get through it or how understand why it happened or has to happen.

As Meredith Grey said in Grey’s Anatomy, ” Death is harder on the living.” 

My family lost an incredible man yesterday.  He could make anyone laugh and most importantly smile. He was one of those people that would automatically lift your spirits when you were around him.  He was a teacher and embodied every essence of what a teacher should  be, caring, compassionate and wasn’t afraid to teach not only out of a book to pass a test but about life to everyone around him not just his students.  He was a hands on son, brother, husband, father and grandfather and someone you could only hope to have in your life.

With that said, loss has a way of putting life into prospective. Prospective that the big things we worry so much about, are in fact just icing on the cake to the million of small things we have and take for granted.

I don’t have a solution or a way to solve or eliminate the pain that dealing with loss brings.

I just want to offer a perspective and reminder to everyone…

A reminder to LIVE.  

A reminder to LOVE. 

And a reminder to not take LIFE for GRANTED.



So I offer you this… if not every day but today…

Tell the person you love that  you love them,

Remind your family and friends how thankful and blessed you are to have them in your life, 

Forgive that friend or family member for what has happened in the past,

Go outside and take a moment to enjoy the beautiful world you live in, 


Do Something that Makes You Feel ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!


With that being said…I am so thankful for everyone that reads my blog and support and encourages me to keep going, so thank you! 


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