Livin Life

Little Choices….

It’s crazy to think that one very small choice, that seemed so very insignificant at the time, four years ago today would have such a PROFOUND impact on my life today….


On October 3,2009 I decided to go to a wedding of a friends and ended up finding something so much more than a free glass of champagne.

I met the guy that swept me off my feet, helped me move to DC and chase in my dreams and now 4  years later we are still together and happy.  Who would have thought???

Just crazy to me how one small decision that seemed so insignificant at the time, has changed my world completely.


I think it is a good reminder that although most of us spend sooo much time focusing on the bigger things and the future, that sometimes the most meaningful and impactful things come in very small and insignificant ways. 



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