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Weddings Are About LOVE not Linens…


My best friend and I got into a discussion the other day about weddings. More specially what weddings are becoming and how it makes us kind of sad… Of course this is just my opinion but something to consider…

For the groom a wedding is about marrying the girl of his dreams…

For a women, it seems, to becoming more and more about  becoming princess for a day.

I am at that age where everyone around me is getting engaged, planning a wedding, getting married or just got married. Which is amazing, I love LOVE and LOVE when people find their soul mates.

However, I just wish weddings were more about that… LOVE, and THEIR LOVE specifically.

To me it seems the second a women gets engaged rather than relishing in the thought that she has have found a man that wants to LOVE her and LOVE only her for the rest of her life, they put on our worrying pants, sweater, scarf and hat and go crazy about invites, engagement photos, linen colors, venue contracts, dress styles, blinged out cakes and late night smores pits. (total want a smore pitt, but that’s besides the point).

I think we as women are becoming so caught up in being princess for the day that we are missing the real meaning of a wedding and that day.


Now I haven’t been engaged or married so I am saying this from the outside looking in but as women we should keep in mind that a groom isn’t simply an item on your checklist, he and your relationship are the center piece of the day and that should be what your guests are gawking over, not the hula dancers jumping through rings of flames.

I love events and think that your wedding day should be beautiful and gorgeous day of celebration.

Being in events I understand the emphasis on every detail but I would love to see more brides put their stress away about finding the perfect shade of red to be the theme color and put more emphasis on enjoying the moment of being engaged!!

Weddings should include you telling the story of how you met, those first butterflies you had, your first date, your first kiss, the first moment you knew you loved him, your first fight, your first apartment and how he popped the question.

LOVE is one of the hardest things in the world to find and if you find it and it wants to LOVE you back for the rest of your life, don’t miss that day by stressing about x, y or z.

This is of course just my opinion but just thought I would share a trend I have been seeing  and remind everyone to remember to take a break and be thankful for the LOVE you have found!



One thought on “Weddings Are About LOVE not Linens…

  1. I love this. When Gregg and I got married we wanted to share our wedding with family and friends, it wasn’t a list of how much but about the fun together, we did not have special drinks but beer and wine and a band who rocked the house down. We party till 1:30 in the morning and until they kicked us out. We will be married 29 years next month, through ups and downs he will always be the one I love. I hope I said this all right.

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