Back to School Feeling….

It doesn’t matter how old you get, the first day back to work after Labor Day in September ALWAYS feels like the first day back to school.


Since most of August people’s schedules revolve around vacations, pool time and trying to beat the heat it is a relaxing month that everyone takes to relax and reboot.

And I can honestly say I have done that that this August. Everyone needs sometime to checkout and relax to find new grounding for the upcoming months.


This morning I woke up excited about the prospect of going to work and tackling new projects and problems.

Just like the first day of school!

You know what I am talking about, that excited feeling of what the rest of the semester will hold, what you will learn, who you will meet. You still have that I can do this, this exciting feeling!

So I am wishing EVERYONE a Happy First Day Back To Work OR School Day!

 I hope this “semester” brings everyone growth and happiness!

OH! And that this exciting feeling lasts 🙂 



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