Note To Self… Always Dress Like You Might Meet Bethenny Frankel That Day!

I learned a very important lesson the other day..

When you get up in the morning, dress like you might just possibly be invited to meet Bethenny Frankel that day.

This sounds like an odd comment but it is exactly what happened to me!

I woke up Tuesday morning thinking it was going to be just a normal day. So I put on a normal work outfit and headed off to work.

I saw all the posts/tweets/stories about how Bethenny Frankel was in Washington D.C. doing different meet and greats on her Calling All My Girls Tour for her new talk show ‘Bethenny’. I was insanely jealous that I was still sitting at my desk at work, working away.

BUT.. two of my old co-workers were two of the girls running around D.C. to meet her and got tickets to her TV show launch party that night and extended the invite to me!


Fun fact about me… I have been slightly obsessed with Bethenny Frankel since her good old days on the Housewives of New York.

So you can imagine my excitement that I would in fact be meeting her face to face later that evening.

The excitement was then followed by the horror of not having enough time to run home and get GLAM for the big night…

So I took a note out of the advice I give people all the time… I just OWNED the outfit I was in! Confidence is what people notice most anyway… right!


Don’t fret I documented EVERYTHING!

image (12)

Quick pictures on the step and repeat!

image (1)

The view from the top of the W hotel is one of my favorites in DC… Do you spot the White House??

image (17)

They had every SkinnyGirl cocktail imaginable!

image (4)

They even had cute drink stirs! “Let’s Stir it Up!”

image (5)

Ready for Bethenny!

image (13)

 I want these pillows!


VIP with Bethenny! She is just what you expect!

She says it like it is and nothing is off limits to say or talk about!

image (11)

Tried to fit the cardboard cutout in my purse.. it didn’t work so I settled for a picture instead!

image (6)

Stopped in and gave some secret confessions at the confessional booth!

image (19)

Snap shot from the confessional booth!

image (10)

Bethenny playing the game ‘what would you do’ with some ladies! If this is any indication on how her show will be, it should be a hoot!

image (20)

When your asked to dance… YOU DANCE!

image (8)

You know your obsessed with social media when you see your blog Instagram picture up on TV during the event!

image (9)

Bonded with Bethenny’s Social Media Guru! Talk about DREAM JOB!

image (14)

Last picture with Bethenny before the night was over!

image (15)

Oh and she didn’t disappoint with her event gift bags either! AMAZING!

Her new book, t-shirt, workout DVD, PUR makeup and Skinnygirl drinks and health bars!

Not that I need to say this but it was a please “pinch me” type of night and I am so thankful I have blog so that I can share it with all you!

So… the takeaway.. get up every morning and dress like you might meet Bethenny Frankel that day… because it just might happen!


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