Do You Do Your Own Thing? + Weekend Recap

I came across this quote the other day on Pinterest, I mean where else do people find quotes these days, but it I fell in love with it…


Something I have always struggled with was deciding whether to march to my own beat or to follow everyone else and fit it.

It is something that I think most people struggle with at one time or another.

The older I get, the more thankful I am that I continually choose to do my own thing and not what people generally expect of me and although it hasn’t always worked out perfectly, it allowed me to learn and experience those lessons for myself.

Are you doing your own thing and being your own person?

If you aren’t, you are missing out!

No, its not the easiest of roads but it is well worth it!

Just a little Monday food for thought!



Weekend Recap! 


Friday outfit! Nothing better than feeling CUTE on a Friday! 

image (1)

Saturday morning hike at Great Falls in Virginia! Gorgeous!  

*obviously needed some sunnies for this picture* 

image (2)

Hung out with Bambi for a bit! SO CUTE! 

image (3)

Off to date night with my love! 

image (4)

Ended the weekend with an 8 mile run and then a relaxing evening reading my book on our apartment roof deck! 

What did you all do this weekend?!?


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