Being an Adventure Supporter



You know those moments in life that happen and reveal just how far you have come?

I had one of those moments this entire weekend.

I helped one of my closest’s friends, my first friend in DC in fact, pack up her life and get ready to start the same adventure I took three years ago…


Moving away from family, friends and a comfy comfort zone for the unknown.

Since the moment she started contemplating the idea of moving from DC to San Diego to be with her love, it has brought back every emotion that I had experienced deciding to move from Denver to DC.


Answering your own insecurities, questions and demons about if you really can do this and make it, all while answering everyone around you’s questions and speculations as if it is a good idea or if you can make it.

It is a terrifyingly overwhelming experience that I would never take back and you can only understand if you have experienced it yourself.


The overly confident, super insecure girl, that was terrified of letting people in that moved here is no longer.  The girl that wouldn’t let anyone close to her heart or her thoughts for the fear of getting hurt or rejected is long gone.

Moving has challenged me in more ways than I can count. It forced me to question, who I was and who I wanted to be without the curtain of my family and friends expectations to influence me.


My point is RISK is GOOD. ADVENTURE is GOOD. 

I have learned you can’t grow without challenge.

It doesn’t always have to be moving to a new place, maybe its attempting something that people don’t think you can accomplish, or you yourself are unsure you can accomplish.

Regardless of the risk you are taking, if it works out or it doesn’t, you will learn from it and grow from the experience of going through it.


So this is why I am an “adventure supporter”. You were given a life to LIVE it and living it doesn’t mean shying away from your fears… it means going after them!

I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? 



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