Once you get out… It’s tough to get back in..

Well, I knew the debate between me being a blonde or brunette would be an intense one..

and it was.


The outcome: most people like me as a blonde. Who knew! 

However, that wasn’t the most surprising thing that I learned through asking this..


Most of the people that said brunette, didn’t say it because they necessarily thought being brunette was the best option for my “look” but because I won’t be taken as seriously in the work place as a blonde. 

Not 1, not 5 but 10 people mentioned that to me as an explanation as to why they think being a brunette is a better option for me.

Talk about being stereo-typed! 

Add being a blonde to already being a petite female and that could be a recipe for disaster!

Or could it? 

I have never been one to shy away from changing perceptions, defying the odds or at least taking on the challenge to do so.


So Saturday I set out to become a blonde and found that once you leave the BLONDE club you have to work to get back in it. (We are a very select group)

So after a very long, long, long day at the hair salon my hair has blonde highlights in it but the hope is by the next time I go, I will be back to my blonde self!

photo (1)

Still looks brunette.. I know.. I know but once I get the approval from the BLONDE society and find a hair stylist that is willing to take me blonde the first time around, this will have to do!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 


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