Need Your Help! Blonde OR Brunette?

Alright, I am having a bit of a dilemma…

A little background, I have been blonde my entire life so changing my hair color to dark brown was quite a traumatic change but has been so much fun!

Recently, I have been getting antsy to change my hair back to blonde.

So I need your help.

There is always a great debate whether I should be blonde or brunette, so let me know your thoughts and come Monday morning I may be looking a bit different!






4 thoughts on “Need Your Help! Blonde OR Brunette?

  1. I think you get more respect in the business world with darker hair. It may be unfair but blondes don’t get as much respect in business as do women with darker hair. I think you might consider going a few shades lighter than you are now but my advice would be to not go all the way to blonde.

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