Seattle Recap!

I hadn’t been to Seattle since high school and I forgot how gorgeous it really is. 

It always surprises me how much waterfront land Seattle has. Everything is right on the water and is gorgeous! 

Here is a recap of my time in Seattle! 



We flew Virgin Atlantic and it was FANTASTIC!

It felt like you were entering a club. Lights, music, you order everything from your seat and can even send drinks to other seats, which is highly encouraged. Free TV and movies. IT was great!

image (1)


Took a quick shot of our screens as we were flying over Ft. Collins and Greeley Colorado, where we both went to school! 



The first night we spent the evening at my cousin’s finances family home on the water and it was stunning! 

image (3)


The next couple days we explored Seattle. Can’t go to Seattle without stopping by the Pike Place Market!

image (5)


Where they throw the fish! Takes talent I tell ya!

image (4)


And for my coffee lovers… this is the ORIGINAL STARBUCKS!! Needless to say I did stand in line for a cup a coffee and a souvenir mug!

Ps. this is my mommy! Love her!

image (7)


Was told we had to have the Rainier Cherries! They were not lying, they were delicious!

image (20)


Enjoying my original Starbuck’s looking out over the water and the Ferris Wheel! 

image (16)


Went to the gum wall! So gross, yet cool!

image (17)


If I didn’t have to get on a plane I would have bought some flowers! There were so many and they smelled amazing!

image (6)


Found a cute latte sign! 

image (23)


We were spoiled and a friend was able to get us VIP passes for the Ferris Wheel! The pictures do not do it justice. It was amazing and VERY HIGH! 

image (14)


The night before the wedding we had a family picnic at my Aunt and Unlce’s new house on Camano Island in Washington. So pretty! 

This is me and my younger brother! He is so cute! 

image (13)


Mom and I enjoying the view!

image (15)


Me and the BF! When you have a great back drop you have to take advantage of it!

image (10)


The sunset… enough said. 

image (11)


The live right on the edge of a cliff so you have to take this elevator down to the beach. 

Talk about scary!



The next day was wedding day! Needless to say my cousin looked stunning and couldn’t have picked a better venue! 

image (21)


Yet again, another backdrop I had to take advantage of! 

Gorgeous place and day to get hitched!

image (25)


My cousin and her now husband met while serving at Red Robin.

So my cousin’s new boyfriend’s initiation into the family was to wear the Red Robin suit for surprise visit to the bride and groom! 

image (26)


Apparently taking the red eye flight back to the East Coast is popular! This was the security line at 9:40 at night! 



Airplane mode set and back to the East Coast. 

Thank you Washington State for a wonderful visit and break from the East Coast! 

I also want to thank my cousin Alyson for inviting me to celebrate her special day! I couldn’t have picked a better guy our there for her and can’t wait to see what the future brings for the two of them! 


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