Finally Friday (or Wednesday in my book)

Today is technically my Wednesday since I will be working all weekend but hey I am still in a great mood because for the next couple of days I get to work in my favorite city!


So I share the same FINALLY FRIDAY happy feeling! 

My grandmother, my namesake, LOVED to travel and I have no doubt that I got my travel  bug from her.

I love exploring new cities, meeting new people and experiencing new things. I mention this because not only am I off to NYC but I am returning to DC only board a flight to SEATTLE for my cousin’s wedding!

The idea of jet setting around the country for the next week is absolutely exhilarating!

Don’t fret, I will be blogging along the way, so you can pretend you are right there with me.

Question. Do you count the little blessings that make you smile?

This morning I saw a quote on instagram that made think about fun little things that I am thankful for today…

FINAL vintage-grid-with-elements-backgrounds-wallpapers

What little things are you thankful for today?



Blueberry Coconut Smoothies! Need to try this recipe!


Get out and get some sunshine! Or make  your own!


Think this might be my new quote! Explains how I like to live..


Hoping to never have to choose between coffee or anything.. talk about a major struggle!


Do something that makes you happy without guilt this weekend.


Off to NYC!

Have a fabulous weekend and follow me on Instagram or Twitter for updates on my travel adventure!


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