The Root of Envy is Often Desire

I was reading an article on Levo League today that fully caught my attention and made some excellence points.


“Every day, as I applied for jobs and attempted to network and get interviews I ran across “that girl.” You know, well put together on that 9 a.m. downtown 5 train, green juice in hand, reading the economist on her iPad before heading in for a long day of work at a job she found fulfilling before meeting friends for a class at Soul Cycle or drinks on the roof of the Soho Grand. You know you’ve seen her. And I’ll be honest, I was envious.”


Who hasn’t seen that girl that is always put together, seems to be fantastic at everything she does, has time for everything and seems truly happy.

I know I have.

But… as Simone N. Sneed goes on to say that one day it dawned on her that her life is that way because she chooses to make it that way.

I write about this topic a lot because it is still not something I have mastered understanding or applying to my life  yet but choosing what you want your life to look like is an option you just have to choose what you want and commit.

It is a topic that is constantly trending around my friends.

What do I want?

Am on this track because someone told me to be or am I on it because I want to be. 

What do I ultimately want my life to look like?

Why can’t I be like that perfect girl I see getting on the subway every morning?

Levo gave some tips on how to be that girl:

Transform Envy into Action

Modify Modify Modify



 But to me, the best message and greatest reminder in this piece is that:

you have the life you create. 

So dig deep, decide what you want and go for it!

Yes, it is probably going to scare you, but most of the great things that happen in life are extremely scary at first. That’s what makes it worth it! 



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