Healthy Ambitions : RunHunny’s Kim Perry

Today my Healthy Ambitions post is going to my favorite Tone It Up Fitness Mail Buddy,

Kim Perry! 


Kim is from Massachusetts and writes a blog called runhunny!

She is a fitness and nutritional enthusiasts. I can always count on her blog/twitter  for that fitness/nutritional motivation and push that I need! Or just to get great ideas on new recipes or work outs!

My favorite part about Kim’s blog and view on health and fitness is that she doesn’t do it to fit into a pair of skinny jeans or to look amazing in any outfit.

She really does it for her health, to feel great and to challenge her body in new ways to be stronger mentally and physically.

Get to know Kim and  be sure to check out her blog! 


What are three fun and crazy facts about you?


  • I don’t have an iphone! That’s not really an interesting fact but it’s something I am proud of. I know if I had one I would totally rely on it for everything. I don’t even have internet on my little old cell phone! I like to think it helps me live in the present and focus on spending quality time with family & friends!


  • I am a graphic designer


  •  I recently got married to my best friend, Justin on May 26th!


 Favorite workout? 

High Intensity workouts are my favorite. Intervals, tabata, HIIT, I love them all. The best part is you can make up your own using minimal equipment and you can do it at your house. Quick & efficient!

Favorite on the go healthy snack?

Fresh fruit or vegetables.

They are always satisfying and easy to pack. Sometimes I’ll bring hummus or a nut butter to dip them in. Mixed nuts are also a great option.

Favorite workout accessory you can’t live without?

All of my workout clothes!

It has taken me many years of shopping and trying different materials to find what is most comfortable for my workouts. For sports bras I go to Victoria’s Secret (VSX) I like the extra padding & adjustable straps. And I have to have my Under Armor crops! They are very breathable and not see through!

What do you Friday nights consist of for you and your fav. go to relax healthy Friday night cocktail?

Right now my Friday nights are crazy! Not in the way you think 😉

My husband and I are trying to buy a house and we don’t have much free time. Ideally my Friday night would consist of a dinner date with Justin (my husband!) and a movie! We look forward to the weekends to catch up and relax with each other.

What quote do you live by?

I hear new quotes every day that really speak to me, but right now I’m loving…

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

It’s a great reminder to switch up my workouts/eating habits and not fall into a routine. Continue to challenge yourself!

First thought in the morning and your morning routine?

My alarm goes off daily at 4:40am. (I used to sleep in longer but my husband wakes up early to leave for work and I’m a light sleeper so I started this new routine.)

Every day I make him coffee, pack his lunch and send him on his way! I’m going to be such a great wife 😉

I try to get to the gym before 5:30am because that’s what time all of the classes start. Every Tuesday and Thursday I take a class at my gym called MaxTraxx, but I like to switch up my Mon, Wed, Fri workouts with running, HIIT, Lifting, or another class offered at the gym.

What is your comeback answer when people won’t give up on insisting you eat a piece of cake? ( when someone around you just keeps urging you to eat something you really don’t want to have in your body)

Great question! I deal with this all the time and it’s hard to explain yourself without educating others.

My simple answer is “No thank you, but I feel better when I don’t eat ____.” or “I choose to eat what’s right for my body”

I used to get really frustrated (and sometimes I still do!) but telling the other person how it actually effects my body can sometimes seem rude. If I were to breakdown the ingredients and lay down the facts, I’m sure they would pass on the cake too. But it’s their decision to make and I don’t ever want to come across in a negative way.

What is the biggest obstacle you face by living a healthy lifestyle still today?

The biggest obstacle is feeling like ‘the odd ball’

Since I refuse to compromise value for convenience by getting fast food when I’m out with my friends I feel like my lifestyle is somewhat of a hassle. I try to be flexible as much as possible by packing snacks, planning in advance, and researching healthy meal options at a restaurant ahead of time.

The lack of healthy food options in my area is also a big obstacle. It all comes down to convenience- If it’s not quick & easy, people don’t want to deal with it. I’m all about the quality of food!

I think that eventually, my friends and family will realize how important their health is and that nutrition is key for optimal health.

Why is spreading the healthy lifestyle mentality so important to you?

I wish someone had shared this lifestyle with me sooner! When I was in college, my roommates were nutrition majors. I loved hearing the research they learned about or a new article they read. I had a deep interest in nutrition but I never applied it to my life and my knowledge was just barely grazing the surface! I was an outsider looking in.

It wasn’t until after college (and the beginning of Pinterest!) that I was able to fully submerge myself into the world of clean eating. I don’t want others to miss out on this lifestyle!

 Any other thoughts or words of wisdom for the Latte readers on health and happiness?

Everyone is different! It took me so long to figure out why certain things weren’t working for me. I was following blogs that made me feel like I wasn’t doing it ‘the right way’. Whether it was eating or working out, I couldn’t get into the rhythm.

Little did I know, there is no right way! Once you find what works for you, stick with it! Or switch things up! It doesn’t matter as long as you’re working toward your goals.



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