Livin Life

My Trip to the Land of Cheese and Beer

This past week I killed two birds with one stone.

First work trip and first trip to the great state of Wisconsin!


During my trip to Madison I learned a few things you MUST try in order to truly experience  Wisconsin!


Fried cheese curds!


Spotted Cow Beer


Sweet Brandi Old Fashion’s

I just assumed that Madison is a quiet Mid-Western city but that was anything but the truth.

The city is a mixture of young University students, hard working business people and families.

The biggest surprise to me was how many people had their own gardens and lived off of their own produce. Or if they didn’t have the luxury of a green thumb, everyone talked about going to a HUGE farmers market held on the Capital Square on the weekends!

Made me want to move there just for that! 

All in all, Madison, I will be back! 


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