HEALTHY is Beautiful

What do all these women have in common?

Pale is Beautiful

They are all movie stars… 

They are all beautiful….

and they are all…


Today is the last day of Melanoma Awareness Month but I really hope it is not the end of YOUR MELANOMA AWARENESS!

 My last message to you is HEALTHY is BEAUTIFUL! 

No matter how you look at it.

Yes, we all have been taught that have tan skin is considered beautiful but is being beautiful and risking not being around to get married, have children or see their children worth it?


One of the common phrases I say is, “Own it”.

This meaning.. if you own who you are, what you look like, what you do..

no one is going to see your so called “imperfections” or “insecurities”.

If you were blessed with pale white skin like me… OWN IT!  Be proud of your heritage and who you are. 

Need some sun.. use sunless tanner and call it good!

Be proud that you are choosing to protect your health so you can be around to get married, have children and meet your grandchildren. 

And if you still have a bit of vanity in you like me,

be proud that you won’t look age 60 when you are 40 because of sun damage skin. 


Being a size 10 if that is the size your body is suppose to be is BEAUTIFUL.

Healthy is BEAUTIFUL. 

Being someone that has battled my own demons about beauty. I know that the only person that truly cares about the color of your skin, the size of your pants, or the color of your hair etc. is YOU. 

If you are dating someone or friends with someone that doesn’t think you are good enough the way you are then that isn’t a relationship you need to be apart of.

Accept and be proud of who you are and what you do and just OWN IT!

I want to thank the Melanoma Research Foundation for reaching out to me and allowing me to help spread awareness about Melanoma.

I have learned so much and will take Kasey’s amazing story with me every time I am in the sun.

I have received so many emails and messages from readers about surviving Melanoma and how you are so passionate about preventing it from happening to anyone else. Thank you for sharing your incredible stories they truly touched my heart and I hope that in the future Melanoma is something of the past…

And please, I beg of all of you, USE SUNSCREEN and STOP HITTING THE TANNING BEDS! 

Lets show the world what the new BEAUTIFUL is! 


One thought on “HEALTHY is Beautiful

  1. I absolutely love this post! Look at how gorgeous all of those women are and they have beautiful, porcelain skin! And no sun damage! Please, take a moment to look at our blog, Skintervention. It’s all about skin health and education. I just wrapped up a three-part series called “Pale is the new tan.” I think you’ll enjoy it! http://www.dayglomedspa.wordpress.com

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