Virginia Vineyards Have Stole My Heart

If you have never been to a vineyard before, I must say its something you absolutely have to do! 


Even if you don’t drink wine, you should go for the atmosphere and breathtaking views!

Image (2)

The first day we toured three wineries, Keswick, Horton and Barboursville Vineyards.  I had never been wine tasting before and I was excited to learn more about it because I do LOVE wine.


So if you have never been before, every winery does it differently but for the most part your group is given someone from the winery who walks you through a variety of their wines. They explain how it was made, the tastes that you should be getting from the wine, what it would be good to eat with and the history of that wine and the vineyard.

photo (2)

You don’t think wine is that different until you taste them right next to each other. Then the difference is enormous! You are given a pencil so you can mark or rank which ones you like or don’t like as you go along.

After the tasting you can buy a bottle of wine and enjoy it on their grounds or buy some to take take home!

photo (3)

We bought a bottle of wine and enjoyed lunch at the Keswick winery, It was gorgeous!

The next day we woke up and headed to brunch at West Main.  It was a cute little restaurant and we got to sit outside and enjoy the peace and quiet. Not something the city girls get to experience that often!


After brunch we decided to go to an Apple Orchard which has cider and had been recommended to us. However, because  our GPS really knew what we wanted, we ended up stumbling upon the Jefferson Vineyards.

By far the best accident of the trip! 

It was stunning. The wine was delicious, the people were friendly and in front they had a HUGE open field with cute chairs to sit and enjoy wine and the sun!

photo (4)

We bought a delicious bottle of rose and found a spot and enjoyed the sun and great girl talk for a few hours!

photo (5)

No fake smiles here.. so relaxed and thankful for a WONDERFUL afternoon!


The chairs were even just so cute and helped set the mood!

photo (1)

These pictures really don’t do justice to just how GREEN and Lush it was there!


It was a fantastic trip and a trip I would recommend to do with your girlfriends or significant other.


Had to thank the wine gods for such a wonderful weekend! 

Napa or Sonoma might just have to be next, I am hooked! 


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