Cheers to 60 Years

As you get you older and you start to have relationships of your own you really start to marvel at the fact that someone could be married for 60 years!

 I am astonished I have even made it to three and a half some days!

It’s true that the older you get the more you realize how it is truly something to celebrate! Especially in this day in age..

My grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today and I can’t express how thankful I am to have their relationship to look up to.



60 years of marriage, four kids and plenty of grandchildren later, they are still a couple that look so in love! They joke around and make fun of each other, laugh,show signs of affection and respect each other.

They have experienced plenty of hard times throughout their 60 years and it hasn’t always been easy but they never gave up on each other or the vows they took 60 years ago today.

They are a true testament and reminder to me that if you find the right person and don’t give up when the times get tough..  happily ever after can exist.

 So cheers to my grandparents today!

5 Things I Have Learned from My Grandparent’s Relationship:

1. Respect Each Other- there is no question about the level of respect my grandparents have for each other. Both of them have a say and  both opinions are taken into consideration and important.

2. Work at It- I love that they are so open with us that things weren’t always easy. They to have been through their fair share of hard times but they took a vow and promised to love and support each other and that is exactly what they have done regardless of what has been thrown their way.

3.Be with Someone that Makes  You Laugh- My grandfather is a jokester and still constantly makes my grandmother and everyone else in the room laugh. Life’s to short to be serious and laughter keeps you young at heart!

4.  Appreciate your differences- You most likely won’t be marrying a replica of yourself so appreciate each others differences.  My grandmother doesn’t drink but I have never heard her get upset with my grandfather for having a drink and my grandfather never pushes her to have one. They respect it.

(He is also doesn’t advise her that the sip of his “water” she asked to have a sip of, is in fact a gin and tonic. Jokester, like I told you!)

5. Value having a Family- My grandparents are the heart and sole of our entire extended family. They have always stressed that we are a family and we support each other no matter what any of us are going through. Our family reunions are not dreaded vacations or awkward holidays but a time we all look forward to! Just good quality time full of laughter and catching up!

So congratulations to my grandparents today! Thank you for being a reminder to myself and our generation that happily ever after does exist! 


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