Finally Friday!


Who is ready for the LONG weekend???

It’s funny because when you talk to people about Memorial Day Weekend you hear all about great plans of traveling, picnics, BBQ’s, camping, hiking, etc. But you never hear people talk about the whole reason why we have Monday off…

To honor those who have fought so hard for us to be the opinionated, outspoken, free, Americans that we are. 


It is so easy to forget that the privileges that we have as Americans are protected and fought for everyday by our military.

That so many men and women have given their lives so that we can speak our opinions, have a say in our government, work hard to accomplish our dreams and believe in whatever religion we choose.

Having a brother in the Navy and living in our Nation’s Capital really reminds me, more often then not, the great lengths that our military goes to, to keep us safe and free.

In the time of terror or uncertainty, they are the people we run to for help, protection and guidance.

So I just ask that this weekend while you are off on your grand Memorial Day adventures that you take a moment to be thankful for the people that tirelessly protect our country.

It is a privilege to be an American and I can’t be more thankful to the men and women who protect that privilege. 





Quote for the weekend! Let go of stress, work, drama and just laugh and enjoy yourself! Make some memories!


I am! I am!


Wishing it would be warm enough to wear this weekend! SO cute!


Excited for a girls trip to the winery’s in Virginia! Let the giggles begin!


Wine tasting here we come! I am a first timer!


You can sleep when your dead right?


Ready for  windows down, country jams blarin type of girls trip!


Stripes and  backless?? Where do I find this dress?!?


Vineyards are gorgeous! Brewing some future event plans as we speak!


Memorial Day Healthy snack!


End of the three day weekend plans.. a good book and a yummy cup of coffee!


 Happy FINALLY FRIDAY Everyone! 


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