You’re Invited to..


I know, I know, I know, I am just as excited about the official kick off to Summer as you all!

I love having the desperate need for a good pair of sunnies and some cute flip flops!

wiaw what i ate wednesday august party button 2012

There are few more summer staples that you will need this summer and I know you know what I am getting at. Sunscreens and  Sunless Tanners!

No, I am not going to show you what could happen to you if you don’t use it or introduce you to another person that has survived Melanoma, but I am going to keep urging you to use sunscreen!

You might not feel like the coolest person whipping out your sunscreen at the pool, but 50 years from now when you don’t have wrinkles and look your age you will be thanking yourself for using it!

Here are my favorite picks of becoming the perfect Sun Goddess! 




I still love to have the sun-kissed skin look, so here is what I use instead of the sun! 


face jergans

Something to Remember… 

Sunscreen can only work if it is applied and applied OFTEN!! 

Especially after being in the water or excessive sweating!

Gross, I know! But the humidity is coming…

So participate in “Don’t Fry Day” all year long!

When someone asks why you are putting sunscreen on or laughs and says they don’t need sunscreen… 

Tell them, you will remind them when they look age 60 at 40 that they should have used SUNSCREEN! 

For more information on sunscreen and how to protect yourself against Melanoma please visit the Melanoma Research Foundation!

Happy Almost FRIDAY everyone!! 


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