Finally Friday!

Happy Finally Friday! 

My girlfriends and I were joking last night how it has felt like Thursday everyday this week, so we are just so thankful that to day is actually FRIDAY!

It really is funny to think how each day of the week has a completely different feel to it.

Monday.. you are just praying to get through it and know you have a long week ahead.

Tuesday.. the Monday blues have rubbed off and you aren’t up or down just a steady middle.

Wednesday.. finally made it to the middle of the week. You can’t believe it’s already Wednesday but Friday seems so far away.

Thursday… “Almost Friday, Almost Friday, Almost Friday” is on repeat in your head and..

FRIDAY… your attention span lasts until about 2pm and then all thoughts are consumed by the weekend and focusing on any task is out of the question.

To help you get to the Friday zone a bit of inspiration:


Dream event decor!


Take a chance on something.. it might be the best thing you ever do!


Great idea.. curtains behind the bed!


Dork alert! Harry Potter Cupcakes!


Yes it does. However, being patient for time to reveal things is the most frustrating part.


Simple aspirations…


I think I am going to pretend I am working from here today!


Miss Friends…


I am always conducting little tests to remind myself that I am capable of standing on my own two feet.


Great movie! Saw it with my girlfriends last night and thought they did an excellent job. Anyone else see it?


Very true.. very true..


Dream date.. Now just need to get to Paris!


I know I have already posted this photo but I am seriously obsessed with this dress, so I had to post it again!


Coffee really does taste  better on Fridays!


Hope you have a fantastic weekend! 

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